University of Montana Police Captain Ben Gladwin received a call on Wednesday afternoon that a man was in the Clark Fork River, and was about to be pulled under a logjam. Gladwin, with security officer TJ Johnson, entered the water and rescued the intoxicated man just as he disappeared under the water.

Gladwin obtained a throw-rope from a patrol vehicle, "The man, who was intoxicated and incoherent, was on his back in the water, and the current was pushing him into a logjam. I threw him the rope, but he was too incoherent to respond, and a moment later his head went under the water." Gladwin continued, "Officer Johnson and I entered the river and pulled him out from under the logjam. After bringing him closer to shore, the man became combative, and so officer Johnson and I had to subdue him until we got more assistance from Missoula PD."

Gladwin said, "the unidentified man was conscious but incoherent, and was taken to Missoula's St. Patrick Hospital for treatment."

"Fortunately," Gladwin said, "a university employee flagged us down in time, and we were able to get there."

University of Montana Police Captain Ben Gladwin