It may be summer break at the University of Montana, but the campus police department is still hard at work. In wake of the UCLA shooting this past week, UM Police Chief Marty Ludemann wants to remind the public of the security measures set in place on campus.

"We're a staffed police department 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year," Ludemann said. "We have notification systems on our campus that if we do need to go into a lockdown mode like they did at UCLA, we have the ability to do that and send that messaging out to not only students, faculty and staff, but anybody that happened to be visitors on our campus also."

Ludemann also commented on the weapons policy at UM.

"That's a decision from the Board of Regents for our University system that the only people who are allowed to carry weapons would be law enforcement in performance of their duty," Ludemann said. "If they live on campus in a residential setting, then we check them in here at our police department. We have a gun vault. It's kind of like checking in a library book and checking it out. They aren't allowed to keep them in their resident halls, but they are allowed to bring them to campus for recreation and hunting."

Ludemann said the Board of Regents also prohibits concealed carry permits on campus.