Update: As of 11:30 explosive teams have confirmed that a "suspicious package" found at the Superior Post Office is not a bomb, however a description of the discovered item will not be released.

Mineral County Sheriff Enrie Ornelas says he recieved a call from the Post Office about the package at around 8:00 a.m. this morning, September 22.

"There was a suspicious package and, taking a look at the package, we decided that it would be best to notify the Explosive Ordinance Response Unit out of Missoula, said Mineral County Sheriff Enrie Ornelas. "They received the photos I had taken and decided it was suspicious enough that they needed to come out and investigate."

Ornelas did not describe the item found over worries that the story might trigger copy-cat bomb scares in other locations.

"At the time, it looked like it possibly might be some kind of explosive device. They disrupted it, and it turned out that it was not. They disrupted it by hitting it with a kind-of water-laser cannon, if the item is an explosive device, the water makes the item inoperable."

The item was found in the outgoing mail bin, no other items were damaged during the investigation.

Original: The Mineral County Sheriff's Office has confirmed that the U.S. Post Office in Superior has been cordoned off.

As of 11:15 a.m, a Missoula specialist team has been tasked with investigating the suspicious package.

"The only information we have at this time, that we are authorized to give out is that we have found a suspicious package and that the Missoula Explosives team is checking it out," said Mineral County Sheriff's Office Spokeswoman Roni Phillips .

Citizens have reported seeing yellow tape around the Post Office, as well as escalated law enforcement activity.

More information about what happened at the post office and the apparent investigation will be released when authorities are able to speak on the matter.

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