The Sanders County Coroner has released the name of the suspect who was fatally shot by a Montana Highway Patrol trooper. Anastasia Burton, Deputy Communications Director for Attorney General Tim Fox released a statement on Friday afternoon.

"The victim was identified as Howard Curtis Martin, 62," Burton said. "An investigation by the Division of Criminal Investigation at the Montana Department of Justice revealed that after Martin, who was armed, left his home  in St. Regis, he called a family member while officers were searching for him. He told her that he had a law enforcement officer in the cross-hairs of his scope, and indicated he was on a ridge near his home."

Burton continued, and revealed the name of the Montana Highway Patrol Trooper who fired the fatal shot.

"During an armed encounter with officers, the suspect wouldn't follow commands to drop the rifle," Burton said. "The initial investigation indicates that the suspect raised the weapon towards officers at which point he was shot and killed by Montana Highway Patrol trooper Adam Gane of Missoula. Trooper Gane has seven years of law enforcement experience, two with the Montana Highway Patrol. He is on paid administrative leave pending an investigation."

Burton said the investigation is continuing.

"The investigation is continuing today with four DCI agents at the scene," Burton said. "It's expected that the work will be completed by sometime today (Friday). The investigation itself will continue over the next few weeks, and once its done, the findings will be turned over to Mineral County Attorney Marcia Boris, who will schedule a coroner's inquest."

Anastasia Burton, Deputy Communications Director for Attorney General Tim Fox