Spring brings with it rain, melting snow at the possibility of flooding, sometime in areas where flooding can be rare, but, there is protection available for Montana homeowners.

Commissioner of Insurance and Securities, Matt Rosendale, is urging homeowners all over Montana to prepare for possible flooding, by considering purchasing flood insurance.

Spokesman Kyle Schmauch has an important statistic regarding flooding in Montana.

“About 25 percent of flood claims come from places that are not considered high flood-risk areas,” Schmauch said. “So, it’s important not to just dismiss the risk of flooding, no matter where you live.”

Schmauch said there is a common misconception that flood damage is covered by a standard home owner’s insurance policy.

“That’s not true for your average home owner’s policy,” he said. “There are several different ways to obtain flood insurance. You can go to the National Flood Insurance Program, which is administered by FEMA, and that’s the traditional backstop for flood, however, there are also private flood insurance providers.”

Schmauch said there is an important caveat when it comes to flood insurance.

“There’s typically a 30 day waiting period for the federal program between purchasing insurance and when it becomes effective, so we’re getting kind of late into the season.”

Schmauch encourages Montana homeowners to check the CSI website, or to call Commissioner Rosendale’s office for more details at 406- 444-2040.

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