Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - It was reported in the last few hours that Democrats and Republicans have agreed in principle to a debt reduction agreement, however, there is dissension in the Republican ranks, specifically from Montana Congressman Matt Rosendale who called into the KGVO Newsmakers line on Wednesday morning to express his anger over the deal that GOP lawmakers agreed on this week.

You Could See the Steam Coming out of the Phone from Rosendale

“The House of Representatives delivered the Limit Save and Grow package for a debt ceiling almost a month ago, and it addressed the debt ceiling and clawed back unnecessary spending,” began Rosendale. “It froze spending levels at 2022 levels and inserted all of HR 1 which was designed to help grow our economy get our domestic energy production up, streamline permitting processes for pipelines, export facilities, and critical minerals.

Rosendale said leaders of both parties have, in his view, betrayed the American people in this debt reduction package.

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Rosendale said Congressional Leaders have Betrayed the American People

“This bill that they now have negotiated behind closed doors between the Speaker and the President does none of those things,” he said. “They're still going to be all the new Green Deal provisions in there that are going to spend upwards of $1.2 trillion mainly in subsidies for large Democrat donors that happen to own green energy corporations.”

Rosendale foretold what the media will promote from today’s newsmakers.

“This is a quote you will hear today; ‘There is nothing in this bill for Democrats’,” he said. “Peter, if there's nothing in there for Democrats then why is it that we're going to have upwards of 100 Democrats voting for it? Are they are they confused? I mean, I have nothing against these folks, but they're going to vote for it because it puts into statute the ability for them to implement the bad policies of the Biden administration for quite some time.”

Rosendale said he and members of the Freedom Caucus are deeply upset by what he is calling the ‘biggest insult of all’.

Read Below for the 'Biggest Insult of All' says Rosendale

“Here's the biggest insult of all,” he said. “It increases the debt ceiling by at least $4 trillion. The way they did it so that they can keep this away from the American people is to just put a date in there. So they're raising the debt ceiling giving the Biden administration the full authority to spend up until January of 2025. This is just a bad process and it when you have a bad process, you end up with a very bad product, and that's what we're dealing with.”

A bipartisan deal to raise the US debt ceiling is set to reach the floor of the House of Representatives for a vote on Wednesday evening. If it passes in the House, it will go to the Senate.

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