Montana Senator Steve Daines emphasized the importance of enhancing cyber security in the United States today in a speech on the Senate floor.

"In the last few months, we've seen one of the largest cyber attacks on our nation’s technology infrastructure and other major cyber breaches affecting our financial and transportation sector," Daines said. "In midst of these attacks, we see radical Islamic terrorists infiltrating American social media networks to recruit Americans to join them as Jihadists overseas."

Daines has been fighting for weeks to tighten up cyber security by protecting American’s information from hackers while also protecting their privacy.

“We must work to address these challenges," Daines said. “Our response must be measured and thoughtful—not only about immediate threats to our cyber infrastructure, but also to the long-term affects on our national security and constitutional freedoms."

As the Senate prepares to create cyber security reforms, Daines says that the balance of privacy and security is key.


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