Montana Senator Steve Daines appeared on the KGVO Newsmaker’s Line early Friday morning and spoke with host Peter Christian about several topics, including the recent revelations about the Biden family in the New York Post and the censorship of big tech companies.

“This is outrageous no ifs, ands or buts,” said Senator Daines. “We are going to hold Twitter and Facebook, the other social media platforms accountable because what they are doing here is literally stopping journalism that is reporting truth; they’re reporting the facts and Twitter is deleting these accounts. It's an outrage, and so they're right in the pocket of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

Daines serves alongside Senator, and now Vice Presidential candidate, Kamala Harris.

“Kamala Harris is another Bay Area liberal, and she was ranked the most liberal US Senator in the country last year out of 100,” he said. “That's saying a lot, when you've got Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren to compete with, so she's right there from the Bay area, right there were those high tech companies and those social media conglomerates are based. We’re going to bring them into Washington DC and put them on hearings and we're going to ask them some really, really tough questions because what they're doing here is absolutely wrong.”

Daines also met with Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett and commented on her confirmation hearings.

“Judge Amy Coney Barrett is a brilliant jurist,” he said. “She's so well qualified. She graduated number one in her class from the Notre Dame Law School. She's a law professor, and now of course, remember she sits on the Seventh Circuit Court so I had a chance to vote for her once already a few years ago. We need more justices like her. They'll protect our freedoms and Montanans understand that.”

Daines also commented on the close race against Governor Steve Bullock and the millions of out-of-state dollars being spent to win the Senate for the Democratic Party.

“He's raising a ton of money,” he said. “I got out raised to two one last quarter when he raised $28 million last quarter. This is the liberal mob. This is California, New York and liberal money pouring into Montana. This race is tight that's why there's so much money in it. Montana is already voting and the polls have us tied. Here's what's at stake. It is our Montana way of life. This is a fundamental question about the Second Amendment I've got an A plus, Bullock’s got an F. I want to lower taxes; Bullock’s going to raise them. I want to secure our borders and Bullock supports sanctuary cities.”

So far between both U.S. Senate candidates over $118 million has been spent to influence voters in Montana alone.

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