Montana Senator Steve Daines appeared early Thursday morning on Fox News to discuss President Biden’s newest executive orders on firearms.

Daines began by addressing the general issue of gun control.

“More gun control is not the answer to try to reduce violence in our society,” said Senator Daines. “What happens with these kinds of executive orders that President is looking at? It's no surprise that a liberal president would start looking at more gun control. It's no surprise, and we expected this. But what happens will hurt law abiding Americans. It doesn't go after criminals.”

Daines compared liberal states and communities seem to have the highest rates of gun violence, despite the proliferation of gun laws.

“Look at the most violent cities in America,” he said. “They have some of the strictest gun control laws. What I understand in the liberal mind is that they want to defund the police and have even more gun control. Conservatives, however, want to see law enforcement funded with even more effort. We also want to allow the American people, the lawful; those who abide by the second amendment, to exercise that right every day. Don't go after them. They're not the problem.”

Daines addressed President Biden’s order regarding ‘ghost guns’ that are assembled by the gun owner.

“Look,” he said. “Ghost guns sound scary, but what we're talking about really here are hobbyists that put together parts for firearms. If you look at where we've had violent crimes involving firearms, ‘ghost guns’ are not going to be the top of the list. Again, it's just kind of a knee jerk reaction from the left. It's more of this kind of virtue signaling that says ‘we're going to do something here regarding gun control’ to try to appease the liberals.”

Daines also answered a question about David Chipman, who has been nominated to be the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

“Well we have somebody here that believes that more gun control is the answer,” he said. “He won't have my support. So we'll be looking to have some strong questions looking for some clear answers. But somebody who comes into ATF who espouses more gun control is not the right kind of person to be running that organization.”

Attached to this story is the statement from the White House that delineates the executive orders and the purposes behind them.


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