Montana Senator Steve Daines was among those who attended a meeting at the White House with President Trump and Chinese representatives for the signing of phase one of a long-awaited trade deal with China.

Daines, who was accompanied by Cascade County Commissioner Joe Briggs, commented upon leaving the gathering at the White House.

“What an honor to be with Cascade County Commissioner Joe Briggs for this historic U.S. China trade ceremony signing,” said Senator Daines.

Briggs commented on the signing, as well.

“I sure appreciate the opportunity to be here, Steve,” said Briggs. “It’s incredible to have been at a ceremony like this. This is such an historic trade agreement that has far reaching ramifications both economically, militarily and over all for the security of the world.”

“Tell you what,” Daines continued. “This means billions of dollars for our ag industry which is a very big deal for Montana. A big shout out to President Trump who we saw here today.”

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