Today Sen. Steve Daines spoke out about American energy independence as a key role in winning the war on terrorism. Daines said in addition, we also need to strengthen American security both at home and abroad.

"Our national security, protecting our families from terrible acts of terrorism, I can tell you is on the mind of Montanans' minds every day as I travel around the state," Daines said. "It's telling us today how important American energy independence and security is to our safety and prosperity, as well as the entire worlds."

Daines said removing oil as the primary source of revenue for ISIS is "critical to the United States’ efforts to defeat the Islamic extremist organization and win the global fight against terrorism."

"As we look at what's going on right now with ISIS, the testimony that we heard today that one of their leading sources of revenue certainly is from oil production," Daines said. "It seems like it's pretty clear there's two parts of our strategy: one would be to increase U.S. oil production, which hopefully will be working to address that through removing the oil export ban. The second would be destroying ISIS oil production and revenues."

Daines closed reiterating that "American energy independence in not only creating more good paying jobs, but also bolstering national security."

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