Missoula gas prices have plummeted in the last week as prices continue to drop all over the United States. Patrick DeHaan is the head of petroleum analysis at GasBuddy and he has the current numbers.

“Missoula prices are down about seven cents per gallon from last week’s average of $2.46,” DeHaan said. “Prices are now at about $2.39 in Missoula. The statewide average has fallen about two cents in Montana, with a current average of about $2.52. Nationally, we are down about four cents a gallon in the last week with the national average at about $2.51 per gallon.”

With oil prices now nearly $6 per barrel lower than a week ago and nearing their lowest level since October, DeHaan says there's plenty more room for the decline in gas prices to be extended again.

“For now, it looks like the trend remains solidly downward,” DeHaan said. “Motorists shouldn’t be in a rush to fill up. Prices do look like they will probably continue moving down for two to three more weeks before there is any real risk of upside. If you need gasoline, there is no hurry to fill up. Prices should continue to drop perhaps another five to ten cents in Missoula over the next week.”

Oil has plunged in value in recent weeks and motorists continue to be the beneficiaries. According to DeHaan, some fear that the coronavirus in China may lead to a reduction in demand.

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