Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Montana’s lone Congressman (for now) Matt Rosendale called the KGVO Newsmaker’s Line on Tuesday to provide an update on his activities in Washington, D.C.

Rosendale said the Democrats in Congress are spending as much taxpayer money as they can while they still have the majority.

Let the Spending Continue

“I find it astounding that the government is running out of money,” laughed Rosendale. “They seem to be able to print some whenever they want it, and it takes them so long to get anything done unless they want to spend more money. So the continuing resolution is to fund the government because the Democrat leadership has not allowed Congress to develop a budget and appropriate bonds. So they are dependent upon this band-aid if you will, to provide additional funding to keep the government open. But Peter, they only provided enough to get them just beyond the election.”

Because of this runaway spending, Rosendale said he refused to sign on to the Continuing Resolution.

“Once they are beyond the election, they will bring us back and the Democrats will recognize that they have lost control over the Congress and possibly the Senate as well,” he said. “And then what we're going to see is another Continuing Resolution. I couldn't even estimate how many billions of dollars of spending into that CR to get them into next year beyond when they won't have control any longer.”

Open Border costing Billions

Rosendale also addressed the uncontrolled southern border and how the Mexican drug cartels are using refugees to make billions of dollars.

“Those people all have a financial obligation to the cartels,” he said. “The cartels are making anywhere from $200 million to $300 million a day, trafficking people through their country and into our country. They (the refugees) all had this financial obligation to pay to the cartel. They're being forced into prostitution, drug smuggling, or indentured servitude to pay the debt back.”

Rosendale Asks Montanans to Vote Republican, of course

Rosendale appealed to Montana voters to do what is necessary to guarantee that the state has two Republicans in Congress in November.

“The Republicans do have a plan,” he said. “We have implemented these plans before. I will tell you that we want to make sure that we provide a strong economy, a safe nation, a future built on freedom and an accountable government. When we go back and we're not just going to focus on making sure we put policies in place to improve the economic situation and national security of this country, but we're going to go back and start holding oversight hearings to hold these people accountable for the damage that they have done.”

Rosendale is opposed in the November election by Democrat Penny Ronning and independent Gary Buchanan.

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