Representative Steve Daines took to the House floor today to urge support of his legislation to protect access to critical health care services for disabled, elderly and low-income Montanans.

The Ensuring Medicaid and Medicare Access to Providers Act, which Daines introduced earlier this week, provides a two year pardon from Obamacare’s employer mandate for businesses that provide services through Medicare or Medicaid.

"Obamacare's burdensome employer mandate would force in-home care businesses to cut jobs or employee wages and in turn, hurt the elderly, disabled and low-income Montanans who rely on them for critical services," Daines said. “The Ensuring Medicaid and Medicare Access to Providers Act protects Montanans’ access to care by exempting their health providers from Obamacare’s oppressive employer mandate."

Daines said this legislation will help preserve access to home care for Medicare and Medicaid recipients while providing significant assistance to state Medicaid programs struggling to pay for home and community based care on limited budgets.

"I urge my colleagues to support H.R. 5098 and help ensure the disabled and vulnerable Americans can continue to receive critical health services in the comfort of their own homes."

Daines will be in Missoula on Friday to discuss his bill with area providers as well as seek feedback on his legislation.

The full video of Daines' remarks is available here.