Senator Steve Daines delivered his initial speech on the Senate floor yesterday and outlined his priorities as Montana’s new United States Senator. He discussed the need for state-based solutions to restore economic growth, including Montana energy.

"Instead of working towards North American energy independence, President Obama continues to play politics with good paying American jobs," Daines said. "Instead of advancing economic opportunities for hardworking Montana families, President Obama is instead perpetuating his war on energy, and standing in the way of affordable made-in-Montana and made-in America energy."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell applauded Daines on his first speech as well as the devastations within the oil fields in the Northwest.

"We have a depression in the eastern part of my state as a direct result of this administration and the EPA and I know it has affected the great state of Montana as well," McConnell said. "Among the many insightful observations of the senator of Montana, I particularly appreciate his thoughts on energy."

Steve Daines:

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