Ravalli County Commissioners are asking Montana Attorney General Tim Fox to investigate a number of environmental groups under suspicion that they may not be operating purely as non-profits. Commissioner Greg Chilcott explains the request.

"This letter that we sent was regarding some information that was brought to us by one of our local citizens presenting some information on a document called 'Green Decoys'," Chilcott said. "We looked at the document and it did raise some concern about the transparency of funding coming into organizations that are attempting to shake public policy in Montana."

The letter signed by all Ravalli Commissioners says “Through misleading and disingenuous media campaigns, we believe these groups have economically harmed rural counties reliant upon agriculture, outdoor recreation, and  natural resources,” the letter then goes on to highlight the threat of fire season.

"We are asking the Attorney General just to look in to these funding sources and to make sure they are complying with their non profit status," Chilcott said. "A number of them are classified as domestic non profit organizations or 501c3. We looked at the money and the sizable contributions made from offshore donors and we just are concerned about the transparency of this funding."

The organizations highlighted for investigation in the letter include Montana Conservation Voters, Montana Environmental Information Center, Montana Wilderness Association, Montana Wildlife Federation, Backcountry Hunters &Anglers, Montana Mountain Mamas, and Our Land, Our Legacy.

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