There are people right now preying on children, using the internet as their tool. Authorities call it.. "The Digital Dark Side".

Children can fall prey to cyber-bullying, predators, sexting, child pornography, as well as illegal file sharing and identity theft. The Montana Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force specializes in education, investigation and prosecution of those who would commit crimes against children, with devastating and long-lasting results.

Tim West is Director for task force operations for the Montana ICAC task force. From his office in Billings, West helps state and local law enforcement officials work together to educate the public, investigate cases and arrest those who use computers to prey upon and exploit children.

One example is Detective Chris Shermer of the Missoula police department. Shermer often poses on-line as a teenage girl when a predator attempts to coerce a child into some kind of sexual activity.

Law enforcement officials are happy to visit with parents or civic groups about how to protect children from being harmed by on-line predators. West encourages anyone to visit the Montana Internet Crimes Against Children website to get more information.

Tim West, Task Force Operations Director