On Saturday the Senate today passed a payroll tax cut deal that will require  the Obama administration to decide the future of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline within 60 days. The state department has previously indicated that such a short timeline is insufficient to conduct an environmental review. Communications Director for Friends Of  The Earth  Nick Berning says the deal passed in the senate rushes the pipeline review process. (That interview is attached below)

Berning says  the Obama  Administration needs to reject the pipeline and should not “in good faith” grant approval without a full environmental  study.

Last week Governor Brian Schweitzer gave to go-a-head for the pipeline to be built through parts of Montana highlighting the news of job creation throughout the state. Schweitzer  stated The $7 billion project includes over $1 billion in construction in Montana, and will help create 1,200 high-paying construction jobs. Communications Director for Friends of the Earth  Nick Berning says the claims about jobs are not true.

The Keystone XL pipeline will be approximately 1,691 miles long, 281 miles of which are located within Montana.