Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is asking the federal district court in Great Falls to intervene in a lawsuit seeking to stop the Keystone XL oil pipeline.

Fox explains the purpose behind the request.

“Recently, another lawsuit was filed by groups attempting to stop construction of the Keystone Pipeline,” said Fox. “About 285 miles of that nearly 2,000 mile pipeline will travel through Montana. You’ll recall that former Governor Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, was quite supportive of the Keystone pipeline and he actually negotiated to have a transfer point in Montana so that some of the Bakken oil could be transported, which would cut down on rail transport or trucking costs.”

Fox also reiterated the fact that the Obama administration was also in favor of the pipeline and added the financial benefits to Montana.

“The State department under President Obama approved the Keystone XL Pipeline, and their environmental assessment was that it would be more environmentally friendly than other ways the oil could be transported,” he said. “If and when the pipeline could be constructed it will add $63 million in property tax revenues to the state of Montana’s coffers annually. For the five counties that the pipeline is scheduled to go through, that ends up being about 150 percent of their current tax revenues, so it’s a big deal for the state of Montana and our vital interest in the outcome of this lawsuit.”

Fox said the state of Montana has moved to intervene in the lawsuit without objection from other parties hoping that the presiding judge would allow that intervention and will protect Montana’s interests.


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