One significant event in the year since sexual assaults in Missoula became national news, was the firings of University of Montana football coach Robin Pflugrad and athletic director Jim O'Day.

During testimony at the Jordan Johnson rape trial in Missoula District Court, defense attorney David Paoli challenged the young woman who has accused Johnson of rape that she was gratified to see the two men fired.

The woman denied that she was  'overjoyed' to hear of the firings, but she was happy that 'something was being done' Paoli said the woman used the term 'the (deleted) would hit the fan,' when the firings were announced.

Jim O'Day was in the gallery at district court, as was present UM football coach Mick Delaney.

The firings were just the beginning of a minor exodus of cabinet members in the University's Main Hall. National news networks covered investigations currently ongoing by the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Bureau, the Department of Education and the NCAA.

It was announced Wednesday that Robin Pflugrad was named the new offensive coordinator for the Weber State Wildcats.

Testimony continues in Missoula District court.

Alleged victim audio with David Paoli

Jordan Johnson's accuser responds to question of if she was "happy" to hear of O'Day and Pflugrad firings: