Wednesday was the official signing day for Montana Football, and head coach Bobby Hauck held a press conference to talk about the incoming class of Grizzlies.

“The recruiting went well,” said Coach Hauck. “I like this group of kids. I think they fit well with each other and with our team. Roster spots and scholarships were in short supply, and I think we managed that really well. I think it was difficult for our coaches to kind of piece this all together, but I think that our coaches did a nice job of that. We did it as best we could, and I think it worked out well. We have 78 freshmen and sophomores on our roster. We don't need any more young guys. There's a chance before the season, we could potentially add a couple of older guys but we don't need any more young guys.”

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Hauck said the books are closed on recruiting.

“So with that we're finished with our recruiting for the year and we're on to next year's group,” he said. “Recruiting really never ends and then we're knee deep in offseason training and spring ball is right around the corner, or winter ball is what it will actually be when we start. I think we're going to start on March 2, or that is the plan right now.”

Hauck was asked about the story that broke this week about an enclosed outdoor practice facility, something he has wanted for many years.

“If we get good enough to play in January, we're going to have to have some place to practice, because we're historically we get to late December and then beyond that we don't get very good preparation for the game,” he said. “So that'll be a big deal for us.”

One recruit, Vince Genatone from North Platte High School in Nebraska, made a big impression on Coach Hauck and his staff.

“Vince is a he's a unique guy,” he said. “He's a state champion wrestler and he ran 10.8 or 10.7 seconds last year in the 100 meters. You don’t have a lot of state wrestling champs that run 10.8 for his 100 meter time.  That would have won the state meet here by almost two tenths, so he can run fast. He's an aggressive guy. He's a good running back. We’ll probably see him on the defensive side, but he's a versatile guy. And you know, I think he's favored to win the state wrestling championship again this year weighing in at 210.

See the entire signing day class here.

Montana advanced to the quarter-final game in the FCS playoffs in 2021, and ended with a record of 10-3.

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