Warning: Testimony included in this article has references explicit acts and may not be suitable for all audiences.

The woman who accused suspended University of Montana quarterback Jordan Johnson of raping her, continued her testimony today, during which she described the details of the alleged Feb. 4, 2012 sexual assault.

"Let's just watch the movie."

That was the response that the alleged victim said she continually gave Johnson as she said he tried to turn a make out session into a sexual encounter.

"I gave him very clear instructions," said the woman in response to a question from Joel Thompson from the Attorney General’s Office, who was continuing her testimony from Monday in Missoula County District Court.

Thompson, however, had to ask if she was more clear that time than she had been earlier in the night, as the woman had said "no" before but consented to keep going with kissing, touching and removing of clothes multiple times leading up to that point.

The alleged victim and Johnson made plans to hang out that night via a series of text messages earlier in the day. The plan was that the two would watch a movie. She said she was not expecting or looking to have sex with Johnson.

The woman had fallen asleep and received a text from Johnson that night around 10:30 p.m. She drove to his house to pick him up. She said there was no indication that Johnson had been drinking.

At the Woman's House

When they arrived at her home, the woman introduced Johnson to one of her male roommates who was in the living room. Johnson and the alleged victim quickly went into her bedroom. There they picked out a movie, put it on and laid down on the bed together.

A few minutes after the movie began the two began kissing.

"Then I said let's just watch the movie, and we stopped," the woman testified.

The two continued to lay together with their legs overlapping.

"We started kissing again and I was like, 'this seems OK,'" continued the woman from the witness stand.

She said then things got a little heated. She climbed on top of Johnson and was gyrating her hips.

When asked if this was consensual, she said, "Yes."

The women said it was then that Johnson grabbed her arm, a behavior that she took as him getting pretty excited. She said that she then climbed off of him because she wasn't wanting the situation to escalate to sex.

The woman testified that when she laid back down next to Johnson, she said to him "Let's just watch the movie."

According to her testimony, he then climbed on top of her. He tried to take her shirt off, but she said, "no." He tried a second time, and she allowed him to.

When asked by Thompson if this was consensual, she said, "yes."

In fact, she said she then took his shirt off.

He then went back on top of her and sat above her "like a gorilla."

"I figured that's what he was trying to do. Have sex. And I didn't want that," the woman testified.

The alleged victim began to cry on the witness stand as she continued to describe the events that followed.

She said Johnson pressed his left had across her shoulder and chest and removed her leggins with his right hand. She tried to stop him, and even move him off of her, by hold her legs together, pushing on his elbows and pushing on his hips with her knees. The woman also said that she continually told him at this time, "No, not tonight. Let's just watch the movie." She said Johnson didn't say anything in return, and just kept going.

"He just changed," she said in testimony. "He just changed into a totally different person."

When Thompson asked the woman if this "no" was a different "no" than her earlier "nos" she said it was.

"It was different," she said. "It was a lot more stern. It was monotone. It was a lot more direct."

After removing her leggings, she said he told her to, "Turn over or I'll make you." She said she complied, but when asked by Thompson if she consented she said she did not.

The woman said that once she was on her stomach, Johnson kept trying to push between her legs, and he pushed her head down into the bed with one hand. He then undid his belt and pulled his pants to his knees. The woman alleges that Johnson then grabbed her by her hips and pulled her body onto his and began intercourse.

"It hurt so bad," the woman told the courtroom of people.

She said the sex lasted a couple of minutes before Johnson ejaculated. According to her testimony, he then got up and she did too. He wiped his semen off on her comforter. She stood next to her dresser starring at him. The two did not speak, according to the woman.  Johnson then went to the bathroom.

While he was gone, she put clothes on and grabbed her phone to text her male roommate in the living room. She said couldn't remember exactly what she sent him, but it was something close to "OMG! I think I've been raped. He kept pushing and pushing, and I didn't know what to do."

When asked by Thompson why she said "I think" in reference to being raped, and if she wasn't sure, the woman said she was sure she had been, but just didn't want to admit it.

Her roommate responded by telling her to get out of there. She put her boots on and walked out of her room through the house. Her roommate stopped her and asked her what was going on, and she said she didn't want to talk about it right then.

She then went out to her car and waited for Johnson, though she said the two never spoke about the fact that she was going to take him home. Johnson got in the car a few minutes later. According the woman the two did not speak, and hadn't spoken since having sex, until they arrived at Johnson's house and he got out of the car and said, "Well thanks," as he shut the door.

After the Encounter

After dropping Johnson off, the woman said she drove herself home, and on the way there started crying. When she got home she sat on Green’s lap in the living room where he rubbed her back and she told him about what had happened. About 20 minutes later she received a text message from her friend Brian O’Day, who she had promised earlier in the day that she would pick up from the Forester’s Ball when he was ready for a ride home.

When Thompson asked why she was picking up O’Day after being raped, she replied by saying “Just because something terrible happened to me, doesn’t mean I stop being peoples’ friends.”

On the drive to O’Day’s house the woman started crying and ended up telling him what had happened. He invited her in when they got to his house, and the two talked on his bed in his bedroom for close to an hour.

The Next Day

The next morning the woman sent a text message to her friend Ali Bierer to tell her she needed to talk about something bad that had happened. Bierer helped to set her up with an appointment at First Step, a clinic at St. Patrick Hospital that offers services to rape victims. Bierer drove her to her appointment that day where she was seen by nurse practitioner Claire Francoeur.

During the appointment, the alleged victim received a phone call from her mom. After leaving First Step she called her back, but did not tell her about the rape or that she was at First Step, and instead told her she was heading to the library with Bierer.

Following her appointment, the alleged victim called her friend Loy Bink to pick her up to go to a Super Bowl party at the Frenchtown Fire Department where she also told him what happened.

A few hours later the woman went to her volunteer job at Ronald McDonald House and then returned home.

Looking for Support

The next day at school she decided to tell one of her teachers in the pharmacy school at The University of Montana about being raped. She said she wanted someone in her program to know in case something bad happened at the school, or in case she decided to report the rape. She turned to Lori Morin for this, who she said she felt was like a mother figure and would provide support for her.

In addition to Morin, the alleged victim said she also told two additional friends – one male and one female – that week that Johnson raped her the previous weekend. The woman said she also called her father that week and told him that she was going home to Great Falls to see the family, and would like all of them to be present so she could tell them something. While in Great Falls she first told her aunt in person, then her cousin via text message, before telling her mother and brother and finally her father.

The woman said in her testimony that she is the rock in her family, and growing up took on the role of “mom” as her mother was consumed by a new job.

According to the woman, this is also why her family was not present in court today. She said she didn’t want them to see her as a rape victim, but instead still her as a little girl.


The alleged victim began her testimony today after opening statements Monday afternoon. She depicted that she and Johnson had been friends for awhile. She also said that the two kissed prior to the night of the alleged rape.

Johnson maintains that the sex was consensual and that he had no idea the woman felt assaulted until receiving a letter from the university. He is expected to testify later in the trial.

It will be a lengthy trial for those involved, including the jury, which is made up of seven women and five men. The trial is expected to last 11 days. Due to President's Day and District Judge Karen Townsend reserving all Tuesdays to handle other district court business, it will likely take about three weeks to complete those 11 days of trial.

Audio clip of alleged victim testimony


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