Former Montana Congressman Pat Williams appeared before the Senate Education Committee Wednesday to hear testimony for and against confirming him as a member of the Montana Board of Regents.

Williams told the committee his comments that appeared in the New York Times calling some University of Montana football players 'thugs' were taken out of context, and were not directed at the entire team.

Pat Williams Comments to the Senate Education Committee

Former UM Vice President Jim Foley testified against his friend Pat Williams, calling his comments "callous and injurious, both to the citizens of this state and to the thousands of UM student athletes and UM alumni across this country. In my view, none of it was necessary and the timing, in my judgment, made it a bit more harmful."

Former UM VP Jim Foley's Testimony

The committee is also considering the confirmation of two other individuals, Jeffrey Krause and Joseph Thiel. A vote on the three probably won't be held until next week.

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