The Missoula Paddleheads Minor League Baseball Club announced on Wednesday that due to increased COVID 19 restrictions, that movie nights at Ogren Park and Allegiance Field have been cancelled.

Director of Marketing Taylor Rush said despite the success with previous movie nights, the club is complying with the new Health Department order, and will not show the Halloween themed movie ‘Scream’ on Thursday night.

“The Health Department had their press conference on Tuesday afternoon, and with the spike of cases in our community as a staff, alongside the Roxy theatre, we thought it was the best thing for our community that we canceled the show,” said Rush. “The safety and well being of the entire city of Missoula and all those who would attend our shows are our priority.”

Rush said once winter has passed the Paddleheads will resume their special events, including baseball games.

The bottom line is no matter what, there'll be baseball in 2021 in Missoula.”



“We're in full swing for 2021 and I can tell you that you can look ahead into what we're shooting for as a mid to late April for the return of Centerfield Cinema,” he said. “We're going to be playing outdoor movies all summer long, as well as a full schedule of baseball. So you'll see a lot of the events that we ran this summer that Missoula seemed to come out and love, like golf in the ballpark, our trivia nights and a bunch of other things that I’ll leave you in baited breath for.”

Rush said the subject of major league affiliation is still up in the air.

“It is really still up in the air our ownership,” he said. “My Vice President Matt Ellis and the entire Pioneer League as well as all of minor league baseball are still in a bit of a holding pattern. We're working on a lot of various scenarios, but the bottom line is no matter what, there'll be baseball in 2021 in Missoula.”

The Paddleheads were formerly an affiliate of the major league Arizona Diamondbacks.


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