The search for DelRay Saeman, a man who went missing while camping with his wife at Placid Lake on August 23, continued over Labor Day weekend.

Missoula County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone said that despite a great amount of effort by Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue and volunteers, no new evidence has been found.

"We were doing grid patterns again: utilizing sonar, search dogs, jet boats and basically every type of technology we have, but the search is still on," Saeman said. "We've got the resources, we've got the manpower, and people are just going out of their way to assist with this search. From all over this state, and from many different counties, people are turning out to help, but unfortunately nothing has turned up."

Search teams and volunteers put in dusk-to-dawn search hours all weekend long.

"Placid Lake is a very big lake," Pavalone said. "It's 1,300 acres, so there is a lot of area to cover. The search is from top to bottom, so they're doing surface searches, perimeter searches, and then they're also checking the bottom with sonar and sending divers down if they think they see anything."

Search and rescue crews report that the investigation is still not over. They are expected to reconvene sometime this week.

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