An annual report by the National Immunization Survey monitors vaccination coverage after measles outbreaks in the early 1990s. Immunization Program Manager Bekki Wehner said Montana currently lies below the national average for immunization rates.

"For the 2014 data, Montana sat at 67 percent fully up to date for kids at the age of two. The national average was 72 percent," Wehner said. "It's good to know that in most cases that some of these kids are just missing one or two shots to be considered fully updated, but most kids are getting their shots when they need them."

Still, Wehner remains optimistic and said things are moving in the right direction for Montana.

"If we look specifically at things like chicken pox and polio and measles, those kinds of things, kids are sitting at nine of 10, and sometimes even higher of those kids getting those vaccines when they're needed," Wehner said. "Montana from about 2009 until now, I think 2009 was our lowest point for our immunization rates and since then we have been trending upward."

Wehner said survey results aside, Montana residents have improved in ensuring kids are being vaccinated

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