One Montana town was named one of the top 10 college towns, according to a recent study.

"We learned just a few days ago that Missoula was named in the list of the top 10 college towns in the United States," University of Montana Vice President for Integrated Communications Peggy Kuhr said. "We're the only town in Montana that's in that best college towns list. This is by the American Institute for Economic Research College Destinations."

The index lists the top 75 destinations for 2014-2015 with Missoula falling in the number nine spot. Other towns that made the list include Ithaca, New York; Corvallis, Oregon; and College Station, Texas.

"They were looking at a number of is the high level of brain gain," Kuhr said. "So a lot of people who have college degrees, who are living and working in this town; They're looking at the high concentration we have in the entertainment and arts across Missoula, and they're also looking at the recreation."

For more information about the AIER College Destinations Index, click here.