Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - A new study has revealed which states have the highest employee turnover rates. The findings come from business valuation experts Eton Venture Services, using Bureau of Labor Statistics data to identify the total employment separations, whether through dismissal or quitting, and how they compare to the total workforce.

The study also identifies which industries report the highest employee turnover in each area. Montana sees the highest employee turnover across all industries, with a shocking 52.4% turnover rate. This means more than half the workforce has changed jobs. According to the study, the construction and hospitality industries saw the highest turnover in the state. 

Top 10 States With the Highest Turnover Rate 

  1. Montana – 52.4% 
  2. Wyoming – 49.8% 
  3. Alaska – 46.8% 
  4. South Carolina – 45.7% 
  5. South Dakota – 45.2% 
  6. West Virginia – 45.1% 
  7. Delaware – 44.3% 
  8. Maine – 42.8% 
  9. Mississippi – 41.6% 
  10. Idaho – 38.9% 

On the other end of the scale, the state that saw the lowest turnover rate was Connecticut with just 23.2%.   

Top 10 States With the Lowest Turnover Rate 

  1. Connecticut – 23.2% 
  2. New York – 23.7% 
  3. Hawaii – 24.5% 
  4. California – 24.9% 
  5. Pennsylvania – 25.3% 
  6. Massachusetts – 25.5% 
  7. Maryland – 26.4% 
  8. Illinois – 27.4% 
  9. Michigan – 27.4% 
  10. New Hampshire – 28.1% 

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According to Chris Walton, President & CEO of Eton Venture Services, we have seen a major spike in turnover rates in recent years thanks to uncertain economic conditions, workers having higher demands, and businesses not being able to keep up with wage demands. 

“The leisure and hospitality sector has always been a major player in terms of turnover rates, but it’s clear that in areas like Montana, the rate is particularly high, with as many as one in five workers leaving their jobs,” Walton said. “Previously ‘safer’ industries like the business sector have seen an uptick in turnover rates. It is important to always keep your resume and portfolio up to date as time goes on, as you just never know if or when you could end up affected by workforce turnover.” 

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