At a meeting in the White House on Wednesday, Montana Senator Steve Daines was one of several senators who spoke with President Donald Trump about their frustration over school shootings.

Daines said he spent time before the meeting alone in his office chronicling the many school shootings since Sandy Hook, 14 in all, and the dynamics of each incident.

“These shooters typically are males, they’re white, and they’re suicidal,” said Daines, to which Trump said “And they’re cowards.” Daines agreed. ‘They’re cowards, and cowards can be stopped with deadly force. That’s why I agree with you that we need to secure our schools and allow the states and the school board to figure that out.”

Daines went on to describe the situation that occurred in Darby, when a student made threats against the high school.

“Last week in Montana I was just north of a school the day after they stopped and arrested an 18 year-old in Darby, Montana when he put up on Snapchat that he was going to shoot up a school,” he continued. “Sheriff Steve Holton of Ravalli County arrested that young man and most likely prevented another mass shooting. That’s what we need.”

To which Trump replied, “Good, thank you Steve.”

Daines followed Montana Governor Steve Bullock, who also spoke with the President this week on the subject of school violence.

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