Montana Attorney General Tim Fox announced that his office along with 47 other states, entered into a $125 million settlement with Cephalon. Cephalon was being investigated for delaying generic versions of their pharmaceutical drug Provigil from entering the market for several years. Fox explains how much money Montana can expect to receive.

“Approximately $695,000 will come to Montana,” said Fox. “That is based generally on two factors, the number of folks in Montana who were prescribed Provigil at increased costs because they couldn’t get the generics and those proscriptions that were paid for by the state of Montana.”

Fox says this settlement should send a message.

“Together with all the states it is a huge payment, but it sends a message to these companies, particularly these pharmaceutical companies that they can’t engage in these practices and defraud consumers here in Montana or anywhere else,” Fox said.

Consumers who paid for Provigil at an increased cost will be given notice on how they might secure reimbursement for those overpayments.

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