Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is warning folks across the state to be aware of fly-by-night, fake contractors. Fox says it’s a seasonal problem that pops up every year.

“We see these door to door contractors hitting up Montana citizens trying to sell services like repairing a driveway or resurfacing a driveway, repairing a roof or reroofing a house, sometimes it is siding,” Fox said. “It could be any kind of home improvement or home repair thing you can think of.”

Fox says to wary of deals that seem too good to be true, and to do some research.

“Make sure that the contractors have the proper licenses and permits,” Fox said. “You can certainly call the Montana Department of Labor. They have a phone number at 444-7734 or go to Contractors in Montana have to be licensed.”

Some other warning signs include vehicles that don’t have a company logos or phone numbers. Another big warning sign is vehicles with out of state license plates. Fox says these scam artists are sometimes called storm-chasers, as they will swing through areas after natural disasters or severe weather systems pass through.

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