This is so cool and very cool that I know this guy on Facebook! Josh Morin is from Great Falls Montana and he will be a competitor on the Discovery Channels new TV show debuting tonight called 'The Wheel'.

We were able to interview Josh on the show this morning. Being from Montana did help him overcome some of the obstacles. It is always cool to see a Montanan on TV. If you have not heard or seen the tease for 'The Wheel', the Discovery Channel says they are..." putting a new spin on the survivalist genre with The Wheel , the network’s new adventure series from Pilgrim Media Group. The Wheel dares six participants to survive in six distinctly grueling landscapes across South America. With every turn of the wheel, each survivalist is dropped into a new isolated location, exposed to the world’s deadliest terrains including freezing tundra, rugged mountains and treacherous rainforest. Participants don’t know when or why the wheel will turn – nor that their stint at each spot is determined by the rotation of the moon. Equipped only with light survival packs and SOS devices that can be used at any time to quit the challenge and call for help, they must fend for their lives by procuring food, water and shelter. And when the wheel turns again, they will be thrust into a new location, forced to use a completely different set of skills to survive. "

Wow, can you imagine doing that? The outdoors enthusiast in me is intrigued but I would much rather watch others do it then compete myself. That's what Josh is for. Cheer on this adorable Montana man with a true comeback story as he competes and hopefully  triumphs and enjoys being on 'The Wheel'.

Photo courtesy if Josh Morrin
Photo courtesy if Josh Morrin

The show debuts later tonight 8 PM our time on Discovery Channel. It is Friday the 13th, an eerie day for this intense show to debut but I for one am so excited. I think you can catch the episode if you miss it tonight on





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