The financial website Wallet Hub said this week that Montana continues to be the state with the 7th fewest COVID 19 restrictions in the United States.

Wallet Hub Chief Analyst Jill Gonzales provides the numbers for Montana.

“Right now, Montana has one of the lowest death rates in the country for COVID 19, along with Wyoming, Utah and Idaho,” said Gonzales. “Because of that, it makes sense that they would be opening at a quicker pace than some other states. Some states are looking like they can reopen but are not yet, and they include places like Hawaii and Vermont, with very low death rates, but also some of the fewest in rates of places that are reopening.”

Gonzales counted Montana as one of the states with the fewest restrictions in place throughout the country.

“Overall right now, Montana has the 7th fewest restrictions,” she said. “States that have even fewer include South Dakota, Wisconsin, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. Some of the things that Montana no longer has in place include requirements for a face mask in public, certain travel restrictions, certain larger gathering restrictions, as well as the reopening of restaurants, bars and non-essential businesses.”

Gonzales said because there are changes in restrictions each week, Wallet Hub has repeated the survey over the past few weeks, and Montana has remained in the 7th position for the least restrictions due to COVID 19.

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