Monday, February 14 was the deadline for all medical facilities who receive funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid funding to have their employees either be vaccinated against COVID 19, or have completed a qualified exemption.

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KGVO reached out to Missoula’s Community Medical Center for information on how many, if any of its staff had been forced to resign due to lack of compliance.

Director of Marketing and Community Relations Megan Condra has details.

“The CMS rule stated that February 14 was the date that employees and providers of health care facilities needed to get a first dose in a two dose series or one dose vaccine, the Johnson and Johnson or they needed to submit and get approval for a religious or medical accommodation,” said Condra.

Condra said Community Medical Center boasted a 100 percent compliance rate.

“We are pleased that 100 percent of our team members are fully compliant with the CMS COVID-19 vaccination rule,” she said. “So this includes those who are vaccinated as well as those staff members who have a medical or religious reason to decline vaccination and they meet the criteria for an accommodation.”

Condra explained how the hospital was able to attain 100 percent compliance.

“It was a very concerted effort,” she said. “We have to really give kudos to our employee health department, as well as all of our managers and directors who really did a nice job of educating all of our staff and providers to let them know what the rule stated and the deadlines as well as what their options were.”

Condra expressed her gratitude that the CMC staff was able to meet the CMS deadline successfully.

“We are so grateful to our team for complying with the federal vaccination requirements,” she said. “They're doing their part to help keep our hospital safe, and our patients safe. We need to be fulfilling our regulatory and compliance obligations and so it really helps us not only keep people healthy but be able to help us keep taking care of patients.”

KGVO asked Condra directly ‘was anyone let go from Community Medical Center because they refused to be vaccinated?’

Her one word answer was ‘no’.

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