Montana’s lone Congressman Matt Rosendale called into the studio on Tuesday to share his views on several issues, but primarily about the newly proposed National Defense Authorization Act that he claims is full of ‘woke military spending’.

“The National Defense Authorization Act used to be reserved strictly for funding our military research development technology, the weapons that we need, and making sure that our service members are paid properly but it has turned into another great big liberal radical experiment,” began Rosendale. “That thing was laced with so much junk Peter, that it’s actually frightening because they're undermining the effectiveness of our military.”

Rosendale said some aspects of the NDAA proposed turning military personnel into vegans.

“It had language in there that was going to require the military to look at, now listen to this, ‘alternative protein development’,” he said. “They want to remove meat from the diet of our soldiers and work with the USDA to get new plant-based foods. They even had language in there to expand the Green New Deal and try to start converting the military equipment to battery-operated vehicles.”

Rosendale said the new left-leaning policies are radically affecting military recruitment.

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“But oh my gosh, this administration is just laden with this outrageous liberal radical agenda and it's a problem,” he said. “This demonstrates clearly what the problem is. The recruiting efforts right now for the United States military are down 60 percent. That’s 60 percent. In addition, we just allowed 60,000 service members to leave the reserves because they wouldn't get vaccinated.”

Rosendale also took President Biden to task for selling our Strategic Oil Reserves to China, a country he said has dubious ties to the Biden family.

“Our domestic oil production is down by about 2 million barrels a day,” he said. “President Biden has tapped into our strategic petroleum reserves. He selling those around the world, namely, selling our strategic petroleum reserves to China, to a company that strangely enough his son just happens to have financial ties with.”

Rosendale will soon have company in Washington, as the new Western District Congressional Representative will be elected in November.

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