The Internet can be a very dangerous place and Montana Attorney General Tim Fox is detailing several ways to stay safe online. Attorney General’s Office Spokeswoman Anastasia Burton says it is really important to know exactly who you are talking to.

“If you are curious about the legitimacy of the person who is on the other end of the line, you can simply end the conversation and you can contact the organization in a way that you trust,” said Burton. “You can call them at the phone number that is listed on your billing statement or on their website. Just remember to never clink on a link in a specific email.”

Burton says thinking before sharing is also a good idea because it is really easy to give out more information than you should.

“You should always remember to guard your personal information,” Burton said. “Your credit card information, your bank account number, your social security number, those can all be stolen online or from documents you throw out. Be sure to shred or destroy any forms that contain that kind of personal information.”

According to Burton, the other thing people can do is take advantage of privacy settings.  Most websites and applications have different levels of account privacy and security to choose from.

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