The Missoula County Attorney’s Office charged 14 new criminal complaints this week, which is four less than last week and closer to the weekly average. On Friday morning, County Attorney Kirsten Pabst provided her weekly report to KGVO.

“Three fell into the partner or family member assault category,” Pabst said. “There were two partner or family member assault cases and one stalking case. In one of those cases, the defendant allegedly harassed the victim at a friend’s house, eventually cutting the door with an axe and calling her about 50 times.”

In addition, Pabst said her office filed two criminal endangerment cases.

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“Both cases involved high-speed chases that put law enforcement and citizens at risk,” Pabst said. “In one, some children actually had to run away to avoid being hit by the defendant. That defendant admitted to drinking, was arrested, fell to the ground, and allegedly kicked an officer.”

Pabst said they also charged two property crimes.

“One was a burglary and one was a theft,” Pabst said. “There were a whole handful of drug crimes. Three of those involved possession of fentanyl, which is very dangerous because one pill can kill. Finally, rounding out the report is one administrative crime. We charged a fugitive from justice. He allegedly had warrants out of the state of Idaho for burglary there.”

In one of the drug cases this week, the Missoula Police Department seized over 255 grams of methamphetamine and a large amount of cash. You can listen to Pabst’s full report below:

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