Following the announcement by Governor Steve Bullock of a 120 day ban on flavored e-cigarettes throughout the state, KGVO reached out to a local vape shop for their reaction.

Tyler Porter is the manager for The Vape Shop said the ban will effectively end his job.

"It's definitely going to hurt," said Porter. "For instance, my wife and I just had our daughter three months ago so we're new parents, so that's a little worrisome to me personally. A lot of this is just ridiculous because there's not much true information out there about this. The reason why people are getting sick is because of bad THC cartridges. They're worried about a black market, how people are getting sick. yet they're creating an even bigger one."

Porter said the products his shop carries have all been approved by the federal government.

"All of our vape juice, all of our vape products. everything here is regulated by the FDA," he said. "Basically saying what we can and cannot use. So, I thought originally that we would be safe, but apparently not. I believe the VTA, which stands for the Vaping Technology Association have helped in multiple other states to bar these movements. meaning they stop them from being able to enact their deadline dates . Usually, they're fighting it out in court."

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