Grapefruit Juice Can Be Dangerous, FDA Warns
People have argued back and forth over the benefits and hazards of drinking alcohol, but a new drink may be stepping into the limelight of debate. The FDA recently released a warning about the dangers of grapefruit juice. Yes, grapefruit juice.
Pot-Based Prescription Drug Seek FDA Approval
Only a small number of states currently have laws on the books allowing medical marijuana, but help may be on the horizon for patients in other states who could benefit from the ingredients in cannabis plants — clinical trials are currently underway for the world’s first pharma…
FDA Pain Medication Warning
The FDA is warning healthcare professionals and patients of a slip-up regarding pain medications produced by Endo Pharmaceuticals. During packaging, pills were accidently sent to the wrong bottles producing a public safety hazard.
FDA Says Flu Injector Devices Not Approved as Vaccines
Flu vaccines have always been dreaded by those who hate shots, but this year a company called PharmaJet introduced a device that uses “a high-pressure steam of liquid to pierce the skin and deliver the vaccine.” The needle-phobics rejoiced.
But now the FDA is saying, Not s…