A human rights complaint filed by Missoula County Sheriff’s Captain Mike Dominick against Sheriff T.J. McDermott was released to the press yesterday, June 2, alleging that the McDermott had used his power and position to grant favors to political backers while punishing those on a political “enemies list.” In response, McDermott said the complaint was "full of outrageous and slanderous comments,” but Dominick’s attorney Nicole Seifert takes issue with that statement.

"Slander is a false and unprivileged publication and, in this case, what was written is not false and we will definitely be able to show that," Seifert said." We have witnesses in the human rights arena who will be able to testify regarding what has been going on in the sheriff's office. There will be more that comes out about this, but, for now, I can tell you that what was written in the complaint can be substantiated."

Along with Dominick, former Undersheriff and sheriff candidate Josh Clark is set to testify about the complaints, but Seifert says there will likely be more.

"No one else has filed a complaint that I know of, that is listed," Seifert said. "However, there seem to be quite a few people at the sheriff's office who are unhappy and they will likely come forward as witness on behalf of Captain Dominick and Josh Clark."

Once the Human Rights Bureau processes the complaint, the Sheriff’s Office will have about a month to respond to the charges. After that, Dominic will have an opportunity to reply before the Human Rights Bureau begins its investigation.