On Monday, Missoula County Sheriff's Captain Mike Dominick said he was filing a complaint with the Montana Human Rights Bureau over his demotion as Captain of Detectives to overseeing the department's evidence warehouse.

Late Monday afternoon, Sheriff T.J. McDermott responded by stating he had not yet seen the complaint, however, he disagreed that Dominick had been demoted, and that Dominick still holds a very important position with the sheriff's office.

"Our evidence facility holds all of our evidence," McDermott said. "We're talking about drugs and money and firearms, and it's an important part of what we do here at the sheriff's office."

McDermott said Dominick still oversees a large staff of deputy coroners. He said much of the internal upheaval in the department revolves around the November election.

"Unfortunately, I think a lot of this stuff is predictable behavior by a few people who still haven't been able to move past the results of the contentious election that we just had," he said.

Recently, former deputy and Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone filed suit in Lewis and Clark County District Court over her dismissal from the department.