Less than a month ago, 43-year-old Corey Kendal was in the Missoula County Jail, accused of giving meth to a 17-year-old girl and tampering with evidence. On Tuesday night, Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputies encountered Mr. Kendall yet again, after an anonymous tip led investigators to the Bonner area. Sgt. Kerry White explains.

“One of our deputies went out there and actually located the vehicle that he was in,” said White, “as soon as Corey saw the deputy, he attempted to flee. He drove from Bonner on the Frontage Road on Highway 10 through east Missoula and then on to the Interstate. During that time, they were passing traffic and reaching speeds up to, the report says, 108 miles per hour.”

Kendall went from the Van Buren exit to Orange Street and then back again trying to elude deputies and reportedly nearly killed a man and his daughter during the chase.

“Deputies were able to spike strip the vehicle,” White said. “When the vehicle came to a stop, Corey tried to flee on foot and was apprehended a short distance away and taken into custody. When they were passing vehicles on Frontage road, one of them was a gentleman on a motorcycle and he had his young daughter as a passenger on the motorcycle. Corey’s vehicle passed them and was very near to them when it passed.”

Along with the felony warrant from Kendall’s last run-in with the law, he now has added charges including felony criminal endangerment and felony possession of dangerous drugs. Sgt. White says more drugs and drug paraphernalia were found in Kendall’s car after a search.

Kendall appeared in Missoula Justice Court on Tuesday before Judge Marie Anderson and bond was set at $100,000 to run consecutively with the District Court's bond of $50,000.

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