The Missoula County Sheriff’s Department received a 911 call after two snowmobilers crashed through the ice on Seeley Lake.

“It was Sunday afternoon,”said Missoula County Undersheriff Rich Maricelli. “We had some individuals that were snowmobiling on the north end of the lake. Apparently, one of them went through the ice, the other went partially through the ice. Both of the drivers were able to swim to safety and were not harmed in the process, other than being very cold and wet.”

After making sure all the people were safe, the rescue team attempted to retrieve the snowmobiles.

“911 was notified and we activated one of our deputies that was working in the Seeley Lake area and he was put in touch with the local Search and Rescue outfit and, basically, they were able to rescue one of the snowmobiles: the one that was sitting kind of half-in the water and half-out and make sure it didn’t go down any further. Of course, they assessed the situation to make sure it was done in a safe manner.”

The other snowmobile is still in Seeley Lake at an estimated depth of somewhere between 12 and 50 feet or even deeper. Apparently, the accident happened near a creek where the ice is usually thinner.

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