The Missoula Rural Fire Department was stretched thin on Sunday, responding to multiple calls. Battalion Chief Greg Orr explains.

“We had a couple fires that came in just about the same time.” Said Orr. “They were controlled burns that due to a little bit of breeze yesterday, they got away from the homeowners so they requested us. We were able to jump on both those fires pretty quick and got them out. It’s sure a good time reminder everybody to be careful, to be heads up, and pay attention to the weather. “

Firefighters were able to cut the flames down swiftly this time, so things didn’t get too out of hand.

“These fires got to, from what I understand about an acre to an acre and a half.” Said Orr. “As far as being prepared the big thing is knowing the weather, making sure there isn’t going to be a wind event for that day, making sure you that you have got a hose stretched out in case the fire starts to get away from you that you can try and put some water on it, and make sure you have got enough people there.“

Every spring, rural fire departments across Montana struggle to deal with out of control “Controlled Burns”. Orr says he’s seen many fences burned up on property where proper precautions weren’t followed.

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