Roads are typically extra busy during the Holiday season and as a result, the Missoula Police Department is sending out additional patrol officers in an effort to keep the streets as safe as possible. Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

“Law enforcement will be focusing on and looking out for impaired drivers due to drugs or alcohol,” said Welsh. “We are concerned about the safety of all drivers, but particularly the innocent ones who have no say in what somebody else may do behind the wheel. The worst thing we can imagine is somebody like that being hurt or suffering as a result of an impaired driver.”

Missoula police often increase patrols around holidays and Welsh says the tactic appears to work.

“We like to think that we are being effective,” Welsh said. “Hopefully we are, just by putting an increased presence out on the streets. Sometimes we can get persons to change their behavior. Unfortunately, sometimes that doesn’t work and we do have to make arrests, but the overall goal is to keep people safe out on the streets this holiday season.”

The additional patrol will be on duty from December 14 to January 1.