On Saturday, a Missoula Poverello Center employee reported a disturbance. The employee reported that a male was wielding a knife and threatening people. The employee said the male eventually left the Poverello Center and headed towards Missoula Fresh Market. Missoula Police Public Information Officer Lydia Arnold explains.

“71-year-old Joseph Igneri is being held at the Missoula County Jail on assault with a weapon after wielding a knife at the Poverello Center,” Arnold said. “Missoula Police responded to the Poverello Center for a report of a disturbance. One person, Igneri, was threatening people with a knife, had the blade out, and was pointing it at people. Igneri had left the scene, but was located a short distance away from where the disturbance had taken place.”

Officers spoke to the employee who witnessed the incident. The employee said a male and female were both yelling at Igneri and telling him to leave the area.

“According to statements gathered at the scene by patrol officers, Igneri was looking for meth,” Arnold said. “When people told him to leave, he threatened a pregnant woman with a knife, had the blade open, and was making comments about killing babies. Officers were able to review video that was consistent with witness statements and accounts of the situation. Igneri did not comply with officer’s commands when being taken into custody. However, officers were able to take Igneri into custody without further incident.”

The pregnant woman told the officer that she thought Igneri was going to cut her stomach. She said Igneri told her “babies are f*****g retarded and I’m going to kill yours.”

Poverello Center staff informed law enforcement that Igneri is trespassed from their location. Igneri is currently being charged with assault with a weapon and criminal trespass to property.

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