At around 4:45 p.m. on Monday, Missoula Police Department officers responded to a road rage incident that had taken place in the 400 block of North Surrey Street. The occupant of a black convertible allegedly pointed a gun at the driver of another vehicle and threatened to shoot.

An officer made contact with a witness to the incident who said the male in the black convertible pointed a black gun with his right hand in the direction of the male victim. The male in the black convertible then turned his vehicle around and left location.

An officer made contact with the victim who said he had been driving through the trailer park on North Palmer Street when a black convertible pulled in behind him and followed him two blocks to his home. The victim said he parked and exited his truck. At that point, a male stood up from the driver’s seat of the convertible and began yelling at the victim about the victim’s driving and excessive speeds while driving through the trailer park.

Court documents indicate the male in the convertible then pulled out a black pistol, pointed it directly at the victim, and said “you need to slow down! I’m not afraid to shoot you!” MPD Lieutenant Ed McLean explains.

“Witnesses were interviewed as well as the victim of the case, which confirmed that 33-year-old Travis Tovrea brandished a handgun at the victim and left the scene,” McLean said. “An attempt to locate was put out on that suspect and about eight hours later, shortly after midnight, in the 400 block of South Russell Street, the suspect was located, interviewed, and subsequently arrested for assault with a weapon.”

Initially, Tovrea denied that he had been involved in the incident, but he later changed his story and admitted he had been involved. Tovrea said he was in the Travois trailer court when a white truck sped through and nearly hit children. Tovrea said he followed the truck to North Surrey Street and that the victim became hostile. According to Tovrea, the victim told him to mind his own business and threatened to kill him.

Tovrea said that at some point during the exchange, the victim leaned into his vehicle, which made Tovrea concerned for his safety. Tovrea said that he did have his gun in his lap and had his hand on his gun but denied that he even pointed it or did more than hold the gun.

Tovrea had a female passenger in his car during the incident. The passenger was interviewed and she said the victim had threatened Tovrea, looked like he was reaching for something in his cab, and that Tovrea had held his gun up, but she was ambiguous as to whether or not Tovrea had pointed the gun at the other male.

Tovrea is currently being charged with one count of felony assault with a weapon.



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