Missoula police sent out a tweet for help this morning after a toddler was found walking down a busy street, not far from major construction work. Police Spokesman Travis Welsh says a call came in from a concerned citizen who stopped to help the child.

“About 10:11 a.m. this morning we received a call of an unsupervised young, male child walking down the sidewalk, estimated at two-years-old, on River Road," Welsh said. "The child was described as having blonde hair and holding a can of formula. The officers responded, made contact with the complainant, who was with the child and started going door-to-door to try to find out where the child belonged, to try to find a parent or guardian.”

While police were looking for the child’s parents, the mother of the child approached.

“About a half hour later the officers indicated that a parent did show up at their location and identified herself as the child’s mother," said Welsh. "Police followed her back to her residence in the area and we are looking into it further to see if we need to take any other action.”

It is unclear at this point how the child got to the road, or if there will be any possible charges in the case.

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