At about 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday, a Missoula Police officer observed a vehicle near the intersection of Russell and Broadway. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh says the officer had prior knowledge that the vehicle had been reported stolen.

“The officer confirmed that the vehicle was stolen,” Welsh said. “He also noticed that it was occupied by two persons, a male and a female. When the vehicle was stolen, the initial descriptions were that of a male and female. First names were also provided. The officer initiated a stop on the vehicle in the 1700 block of Cooley.”

The officer identified 32-year-old Jake McClurg and 27-year-old Robin Barrett-Lanier. They are both awaiting arraignment on charges related to the stolen vehicle. According to Welsh, a robbery may have been committed.

“That was initially reported on May 21 at about 11:23 in the evening,” Welsh said. “The initial complaint was that McClurg and Lanier had threatened force on the owner of the vehicle unless he allowed them to take his vehicle. Feeling he had no choice, that male did allow these two to take his truck.”

Both McClurg and Barrett-Lanier are now facing a felony robbery charge.

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