Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - At the Wednesday Missoula City Council meeting, Engineer for Surface Transportation Kevin Slovarp introduced a proposed new roundabout, a $3.78 million project.

“This is for the West Broadway, Toole Avenue, and California intersection,” began Slovarp. “It's a lot of things. It's construction, funding, maintenance, and a local agency guidelines agreement, and so this is four other agreements wrapped into one.”

Slovarp explained the purpose of the proposed new roundabout.

The Proposed Roundabout will be at West Broadway, Toole and California

“There have been 33 crashes in the most recent five-year time frame from 2018 to 2022,” he said. “Most of those crashes were rear-end crashes, but there were a few right angle and bicycle crashes which are generally more severe. So we definitely think that intersection improvements can help with those safety aspects and generally limit the number of crashes and especially the severity.”

When asked about the budget for the project, Slovarp explained.

The Budget will be about $3.8 Million

“The MPO C-MAQ funds and MDT’s MAC funds will be used to pay for design and construction. The intersection improvement we're currently estimating a roundabout at this location to cost around $3.78 million.”

The city of Missoula’s website provided the details below.

The project will utilize Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization’s Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds in the amount of $3,900,000 to design and construct this proposed project. Approximately $200,000 of MDT MAC funds will be contributed to this proposed project. There’s no required local match for this proposed project. Added maintenance costs directly attributable to the City will be satisfied using operating budgets of Public Works & Mobility (storm drainage facilities, sidewalks, signage, and lighting) and Parks Department (landscaping and irrigation).

Ward 6 City Councilor Sandra Vasecka asked Slovarp for more details on the cost of the project.

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The Project is not set to use any Local Property Tax Dollars

“The Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization's Congestion Mitigation Air Quality, the CMAC funds for the $3.9 million; are those from local property taxes? Where did those funds come from?”, she asked.

“I believe those are federal funds that come into the state and are allocated to the MPOs, said Slovarp. “I can find out more about that and provide everybody with that information.”

The initial vote on the project was positive with only one dissenting vote from Vasecka.

The city council website provided more information.

A multi-lane roundabout is being proposed to enhance safety, mobility, and accessibility to the area south of W. Broadway to meet community goals. The Envision West Broadway Master Plan from December 2021 supports the proposed roundabout as the preferred solution. A roundabout would improve operations at the intersection in the peak period and especially throughout the day. City Public Works & Mobility and Attorney staff are recommending the Mayor sign the agreement.”

No date has yet been determined for the project to get underway, depending on full council approval.

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